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Dear Earthling:
Cosmic Correspondent

10-year-old Dethbert Jones is determined to explore space off the surface of his home planet, Crank. When he and robot bestie Andi join the Space Cadets, they are totally smooshed at the prospect of going to Space Camp and piloting a real shuttle-craft.


Despite Andi's mom-bot's protests of flat feet and possible meteor allergies, the pair embark on a practice test. But when Andi has a major freak-out they crash-land onto a strange planet. The boys quickly discover they are not alone on the planet's surface, and they can't avoid the terrifying 'Many-Clawed Beastie' forever! 

Published by Common Deer Press,

Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent is a humorous illustrated sci-fi in the form of letters from Dethbert to his Earth pen-pal and is available at all good bookshops.

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